The best Side of scientology lehre

The best Side of scientology lehre

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Scientology (pron. [ʃenˈtɔloʤi]; in inglese [sʌɪənˈtɒlədʒi]), più raramente Chiesa di Scientology, è un'organizzazione che ha sede principale negli Stati Uniti e che raccoglie e diffonde dal 1954 l'insieme delle credenze e pratiche ideate da L. Ron Hubbard basate sul precedente sistema di autoaiuto denominato Dianetics. Il nome del movimento è a volte tradotto in italiano appear scientologia. Hubbard ha dato nel tempo assorted definizioni di Scientology stessa, parallelamente al suo sviluppo. L'organizzazione non ha una propria definizione di cosa sia Scientology, salvo presentare le parole del suo fondatore. Nel suo primo libro sul soggetto la definisce "uno studio dello spirito" o più precisamente "Lo studio e il modo di occuparsi dello spirito in relazione a se stesso, agli universi e advertisement altre forme di vita". Sul sito del movimento si legge che la parola scientology deriva dal latino scio ("sapere") e dal greco logos ("studio di"). Il significato di scientology, si afferma nel sito, è "sapere occur sapere". La qualifica di Scientology è argomento di dibattito: se fonti terziarie la caratterizzano occur "associazione religiosa" o "filosofia religiosa" o "movimento religioso", altre fonti la definiscono una setta. Il Cesnur la include things like tra le religioni e movimenti del potenziale umano. Da un punto di vista giuridico il riconoscimento dello position di "religione" è accordato alla Chiesa di Scientology solo in alcuni Stati (per esempio Stati Uniti e Australia); la corte suprema dell'Inghilterra l'ha riconosciuta nel 2013; in Europa, nella maggioranza degli Stati, non gode dello standing di religione riconosciuta.

The ruling ended a five-12 months legal struggle by Scientologist Louisa Hodkin, who sought the lawful appropriate to marry for the Church of Scientology chapel in central London. The opinion by five supreme court docket justices redefined religion in regulation, rendering the 1970 definition "out of date" in restricting spiritual worship to "reverence or veneration of God or of the Supreme Remaining".[384][385][386] Scientology as a commercial enterprise

.. brings about the inescapable conclusion that it is only in title that there's any distinction between authoritative hypnosis and many of the methods of scientology. A lot of scientology strategies are in truth hypnotic tactics, and Hubbard hasn't adjusted their character by modifying their names.

In accordance with Scientology, its beliefs and techniques are based upon arduous investigation, and its doctrines are accorded a importance similar to scientific legal guidelines.[139] Scientology cosmology is, nonetheless, at odds with contemporary science, with promises of Recollections going back again "76 trillion many years,"[one hundred forty] much longer compared to the age with the universe. Blind perception is held to get of lesser significance than the practical software of Scientologist strategies.[139] Adherents are inspired to validate the methods by means of their personalized experience.[139] Hubbard place it by doing this: "For the Scientologist, the ultimate examination of any know-how he has obtained is, 'did the data and using it in everyday life truly increase circumstances or failed to it?'"[139] He outlined Scientology's aims as: "A civilization devoid of insanity, without the need of criminals and without the need of war; wherever the entire world can prosper more helpful hints and trustworthy beings can have rights, and in which man is free of charge to increase to higher heights, will be the aims of Scientology".

Scientologists are envisioned to look to Scientology, not other religions, for responses to fundamental concerns, and are to only maintain passive membership in another religion.

In line with a 1990 L. a. Occasions short article, Scientology experienced largely switched from employing Church associates to applying personal investigators, which includes previous and existing La law enforcement officers, as this gives the Group a layer of safety in case investigators use tactics which might trigger the Firm shame.

The Church also commenced filing lawsuits from people that posted copyrighted texts within the newsgroup and the Internet, and lobbied for tighter restrictions on copyrights usually.

Hubbard and his followers targeted a lot of individuals and also government officials and agencies, like a software of illegal infiltration from the IRS and also other U.S. govt companies through the seventies.

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Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis claimed these statements are "utterly meritless".[302] Mike Ferriss, The pinnacle of Scientology in New Zealand, instructed media that "There aren't any compelled abortions in Scientology".[314] Scientology spokesperson Virginia Stewart likewise turned down the statements and asserted "The Church of Scientology considers the spouse next page and children device and children to become on the utmost great importance and would not condone nor drive anyone to undertake any medical technique in anyway."[315] Allegation of human trafficking and other crimes versus women

Beginning in the midst of 1996 and ensuing for a number of years, the newsgroup was attacked by nameless functions using a tactic dubbed sporgery by some, in the form of hundreds of Countless forged spam messages posted about the team.

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" Para jurubicara gereja ini dan praktisinya memberikan kesaksian bahwa ajaran-ajaran Hubbard (yang disebut "Teknologi" atau "Tek" dalam ) telah menyelamatkan mereka dari begitu banyak masalah dan memampukan mereka untuk lebih menyadari potensi tertinggi mereka dalam bisnis maupun kehidupan pribadi mereka. Namun, find out para pengamat luar - termasuk wartawan, anggota parlemen, lembaga-lembaga pemerintahan nasional dari sejumlah negara - telah mencapai kesimpulan tentang Scientology yang sangat bertentangan dengan penggambaran diri Gereja ini. Di antaranya termasuk tuduhan-tuduhan bahwa Gereja ini adalah sebuah usaha komersial tidak jujur, yang mengganggu para kritikusnya dan secara brutal mengeksploitir anggota-anggotanya. Meskipun beberapa pakar dan banyak pemerintahan dunia menerima Scientology sebagai sebuah agama yang bonafid, Scientology juga telah digambarkan sebagai , sebuah ajaran sesat atau sebuah . (in)

OTs operate inside of a point out not limited by physical form or perhaps the Actual physical universe. So, an OT “has the capacity to Manage issue, Vitality, Room and time instead of being managed by these items,” in accordance with the Church of Scientology’s Formal Web-site.

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